Thursday, October 18, 2018

Lookin' for a friend...

Donald J Trump is looking for a friend, a pal, a sidekick, a worthy adversary, somebody he can smirk with as they bask in their shared magnificence, his equal in other words.

Everything in Donald J Trump's 'adult' life has been driven by his quest.

But, it seems the role can never be filled.

Nobody ever meets the requirements.

Donald J Trump searches constantly for that elusive moment when he reaches out to shake hands with his equal and senses pure friendship.

"Wow, this smart, rich, powerful person likes me."

Donald J Trump has spent decades traveling the globe in search of this imaginary friend.

His push for the Presidency was motivated by the opportunity to meet with world leaders and size them up.

But they all proved inferior, not worthy of TRUMP.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't recognize genuine friendship if it jumped up and bit him.

He's never experienced it in real life.

A few months ago he spoke at a fallen officer gathering.

The elderly mother of a victim came onstage and stood there stroking and petting his arm for a long time.

It is the only time in his life he has felt such pure warmth and affection.

TRUMP was stunned and transfixed.

But an elderly colored woman can't be his BFF.

He needs billionaires, Oligarchs, and world leaders, not common, poorly educated folk.

If any of them were smart enough to be his friend, they wouldn't be poor.

Which leads us back to the root of the problem.

In his mind, TRUMP is a winner, an exalted being, superior to everyone he has ever met.

Fred told him so all the time.

And ya gotta admit, he's winning big time right now.

"I'm the President and you're not."

Sadly, our guy is doomed to remain alone in his Ivory Tower because there is no worthy adversary to hang around with.

It's lonely at the top.

Putin showed promise, but if they had really hit it off TRUMP would have given Putin the left elbow in his ribs as the two stood there shaking hands, followed by a wink and a lurid grin.

Just a couple of old buddies horsing around, sharing a laugh and a knowing wink at the expense of those poor, stupid people flocking around.

But ol' Vlad apparently fell short in the "I'm a stable genius" department.

All those late night phone calls were for naught.

Another potential BFF falls by the wayside because he or she is simply not genetically gifted with a huge intellect.

Lonesome Don is such a genetically gifted person.

Ask him.


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