Wednesday, October 24, 2018

TRUMP at 12...

Donald J Trump's 12th birthday was June 14, 1958.

He was already a millionaire.

Today, TRUMP is 72 years of age.

He is now a billionaire. ( Depending on who you believe. )

Other than becoming grotesquely bloated, not much has changed for TRUMP since that fateful June day.

As with all 12 year old boys, young Donald was always sizing himself up against his peers, establishing where he stood in the Realm of Guydom.

The news was not good.

TRUMP realized that he was good at one thing, and one thing only, being an overbearing rich kid.

He was never going to get the girl because of his physical prowess, or his charming likeability.

TRUMP's defining moment left him in a state of permanently arrested development.

On June 14 1958, Donald J Trump had an Epiphany.

TRUMP, the puerile, smarmy, pitchman, was born.
Deep inside that bloated 72 year old carcass, TRUMP is a lonely 12 year old rich kid with all the toys, but nobody to play with because he never learned to get along.

He has an axe to grind.

In 1958, the world was black and white, good v. bad, might makes right.

That clear, simple view still represents TRUMP's outlook.

Anything more complicated confuses his 12 year old mind.

TRUMP avoids confusion by ignoring everything that does not suit him, because the overbearing rich kid learned long ago that confusion leads to hesitation.

Hesitation leads to reflection.

Reflection is TRUMP's Kryptonite.

I like to imagine him in his Superman jammies, dreaming his 12 year old dreams.

"I am The Most Powerful Man In The World, right up there with my heroes Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Wow! I am awesome. I love me."

TRUMP first dreamed that dream as a 12 year old millionaire.

He has made that dream come true by never changing.

He might even still wear the Superman jammies.

His only goal is to add zeroes to the right.

"More, more, more, and it's all for me. Everyone else can founder in my wake."

No stopping to reflect for this guy.

"No regrets."

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