Monday, November 12, 2018


Here's how you can turn resigning into a win.

You can do more to rebuild American Pride as a private citizen.

Washington politics have become way too cumbersome to ever let you accomplish anything worthwhile.

Explain that to your public, and tell them to get ready to rock and roll.

There's work to be done and fortunes to be made, the American Way, the TRUMP way.

Sit across from Howard Stern and explain Russia as you see it.

Simply put, all's fair in Love, War, and Politics.

You did what anyone else would have done, but better.

It worked.

You won.

Pardon yourself and everyone else involved.

Let the lawyers sort it out.

Just remember, "Doze guys dunnit."

You'll get away clean.

You always do.

As a private citizen you will be unrestrained.

Do business with anyone you choose.

You got to publicly humiliate the CEO of Exxon/Mobil.

A Marine Corp General hovers constantly at your beck and call, waiting with baited breath for your next utterance.

You did it.

The power of TRUMP has been established.

Get the old gang back together and MAGA, MAGA, MAGA for fun and profit.

You know this is the best idea you've heard in a long time.

Run with it...!!!

Step away in style, then show us what you really have to offer.


Before you resign, talk to Vlad about the NW Passage opening due to Global Warming.

Oil and Natural Gas can be transported between US and Russia.

Maybe toss ol' Rex a bone, and let him be involved.

Russians have been developing super ice breakers in preparation for many years.

Middle East and ISIS will become non issues.

The bad guys cannot drive their TOYOTAS to the arctic.

The best idea just got even better.

Don'tcha think?

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